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2018. április 23.
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INNONET’s white two storey building (easily recognized by its blue framed light reflecting steel-glass elevation parts) is to be found between the intersections of Gesztenyefa – Nyírfa and Gesztenyefa – Juharfa Streets along Gesztenyefa Street. Our main entrance is facing westwards.
To approach INNONET on the highway (M1) from Budapest, take the exit at the 112th km to Győr (Ipari Park). Look for the board with the overview map of the industrial park to recognize the intersection where you have to turn right to enter Gesztenyefa Street. (Reach the roundabout while coming from the highway is an indication that you missed the intersection at Gesztenyefa Street. In this case please turn around!)

Visitors approaching from Vienna should take highway exit 115. to Győr. Follow the road and make a right turn at the transformer plant. At the next roundabout take the first exit and about 500 metres farther turn left to enter Gesztenyefa Street.
Access to the Industrial Park with public transport is more or less limited to serve the work shift schedule of the local companies. Information about the bus lines’ (Kisalföld Volán) timetable can be found at (unfortunately only in Hungarian language)

Enter INNONET’s car park from Nyírfa Street to get to the main entrance. (If all space is occupied at the front parking zone, you can find additional space connected to Juharfa Street.
Please be aware that INNONET’s building is interconnected with the wing of the Industrial Park’s management building. Therefore in case you are visiting for the first time and decide to take any other entrance than the one marked with the red arrow you will probably face difficulties navigating our corridors.
(Check floor schematics with room numbers here: Floor-1 / Floor-2 )