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2018. február 21.
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Available offices at INNONET have an average size of 20 square meters; are equipped with a hidden fan-coil heater/cooler system, multiple CAT5e telecommunication ports and offer the individual metering of electric power consumption.

Workshops at INNONET have an average size of 60 square meters, wide opening doors (enabling load operations by forklifts) and are all joined with an internal service corridor (leading to bathrooms with shower). All workhops are prepared with structural mount points for the additional creation of an elevated internal loft-office area.

Additionally to local enterprises, INNONET welcomes all innovative companies from other countries with an interest to start business activity in the West-Transdanubian region.

Being settled in the International Industrial Park of Győr, optimal transport conditions (next to a highway exit, close to the Slovakian and Austrian border), well-kept, clean environment with pleasant Park vegetation, silence and available free parking space is considered by many of our tenants as a key strength of our Centre.
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Due to a high demand of our infrastructure services we advise you to contact us personally with your business idea and office/workshop needs at:
(Mr. Balint VASVARI) 
Tel: +36 96 506 900
Fax: +36 96 506 901
E-mail: Az email cím védve van a spam botoktól, a megtekintéséhez a JavaScript bekapcsolása szükséges
(A simplified floor plan of INNONET is available for download here: Floor-1 / Floor-2 )
Key facts of our infrastructure:

Total floor space: 2500sqm.
Offices available: 27pcs; ~20sqm each
Co-location office: 1 shared office with 4 individual co-location workdesks.
Workshops available: 10 pcs; ~60sqm each
Meeting rooms: 100sqm / 80 seat, 40sqm / 15 seat and 10sqm / 5 seat.

IT backbone: 400+ CAT5e Telecommunication ports, 10/100 MBit Layer2 managed switches, 100 line ISDN telephone system